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Rechercher des entreprises Rechercher des entreprises

Développement des affaires Développement des affaires

Développer vos affaires Développer vos affaires

Develop your business  

Identification of Technology
Business Opportunities (ITBO)

Underused production capacity? New equipment you want to get the most out of?...More

Technology and process

To reduce the risks and increase the profits of your technical projects, be sure to...More

Industrial waste valorisation

Some of your industrial waste can be recycled. The cost of the disposal of these...More

Industrial testing

Fast and efficient, that is what we seek first. We will also be able to advise and...More

Articles Articles


Agrégateur de contenus des articles Agrégateur de contenus des articles

Information générale Information générale

A poweful search engine is a specialised search engine of 30 000 industrial companies based in Québec. Registration, search and update are all free.
The information is based on the following Quebec businesses:

• manufacturers;
• wholesalers;
• business to business service companies.
...More (French only)

Customized directory 

The team can build a directory according to your needs and design an effective and hassle free management tool.  We take care of the regular updates for the information concerning each company of your database.
...More (French only)

Ils trouvent des fournisseurs Ils trouvent des fournisseurs

They find Quebec suppliers on !

Bannière publicitaire Bannière publicitaire