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Ask for a Quote directly from icriq.com

5 simple steps

This free service allows everyone who wants to buy Quebec products and services to quickly find suppliers that meet their standards.

You can request quotes from up to 10 companies at once and in 5 simple steps.

First, make your usual search for the product or service that you want to buy.

Then, click this button:  

 Ask for a Quote button

 Il will appear in the search result page.


  Step 1 :

Select up to 10 companies to whom you wish to request a quote.


  Step 2 :

Add specifications, a quantity, additional details for the products / services.

Attache one or more files (example: technical drawings, estimate, etc.) if needed.

  Step 3 :

Enter your email and your contact information.

  Step 4 :

Include: Date and time of closure

Delivery details : date, terms et addresse.


  Step 5 :

View your request before sending

Optional: print, save, modify, cancel

Send to the selected companies

icriq.com sends your request for quote by email to the selected companies.

The person in charge of receiving the RFQs for each company will reply by email with their intention to tender or not.


Here are examples of the emails sent during the online request for quote:

- Acknowledgment of receipt sent to the buyer

- Request for quote sent to the tenderer

- Affirmative response to tender

- Negative response to tender