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Terms and Conditions


Licence for use of data from the Banque d'entreprises du Québec
of the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec

1. The data of the Banque d’information industrielle, hereinafter called the "Bank", remain the exclusive property of the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec, hereinafter called the "CRIQ". Consequently, it is forbidden to sell, distribute or transfer to anyone else than the Client’s own employees, in whole or in part, the Bank's data.

However, the CLIENT shall be allowed :

a) use the data to produce and transmit, by any means whatsoever, lists, mailing labels, letters and personalized mailings, to promote its services, provided they are used within a period of a maximum of 12 months following the purchase of the data and only for use in the course of their regular operations. These operations must at no time aim at producing lists, directories or databanks similar to those belonging to the CRIQ for any outside parties;

b) to make, for his company’s own internal use, studies, analysis, reports or similar works using the Bank’s data, provided that the CLIENT clearly states, in its documents that the data is from the “CRIQ’s Banque d’information industrielle” with the year and month of the data.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in any circumstances, the CLIENT is not authorized to act so as to suggest he represents or is acting on behalf of the CRIQ. For example: a request to companies for additional information that is made as to suggest that the CLIENT has been mandated by the CRIQ.

2. Any breach to the conditions of this licence shall authorize the CRIQ to resiliate the licence; the sums paid by the CLIENT shall be kept by the CRIQ as advance liquidated damages and interest. Moreover, the CRIQ reserves all other action, namely regarding damages, interest and, if the case should arise, injuctions.

3.The CRIQ continually updates the Bank's data and programs. The CRIQ does not guarantee that all data is complete or exact and declares that the licence was not granted with any particular result intended.

4. The CRIQ shall assume no liability for any damage including, but not limited to, loss of revenue, lost or altered data, or direct or indirect damage stemming from the use or inability to use the Bank's data.

5. This licence has been issued solely to the CLIENT and may not be transferred or sub-licensed to anyone without CRIQ's prior written consent.

6. No sums paid by the CLIENT for this licence shall be reimbursed by the CRIQ.

7. This contract is governed by the laws in force in the Province of Québec and in Canada. The parties shall give jurisdiction to the district of Québec to hear any dispute.

BII-F-22A (2012-10)