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Purchasing company lists

How to purchase an icriq.com company list
  • Use the Quick or Advanced search to build your company list. Take note of the criteria used to arrive at the desired result.
  • Contact us by telephone at 1 888 594-7170, or by email at listes@icriq.com, in order to proceed with the purchase of your company list. Payment can be made by credit card (Visa and MasterCard).
  • If necessary, consult our price list.
  • Lists will be issued by email as soon as possible.
Formats and examples of standard lists
  • Excel
exemple .xls : spreadsheet (Ideal for making labels)
  • CSV
exemple .csv : comma delimited
  • Texte
exemple .txt : tab delimited
  • PDF
exemple .pdf : can be displayed on your screen or printed, but cannot be edited

To read .pdf files, download, free of charge, the latest version of Acrobat ReaderMC from Adobe.


Available Information on icriq.com for your company listings

  • company name

  • a contact name

    - Chief Executive Officer
    - Production Manager
    - Operations Manager
    - Marketing Manager
    - Personnel Manager

    - Export Manager
    - Purchasing Manager
    - Financial Manager
    - Sales Manager
    - Computer Resource Manager

    - R&D Manager

  • the contact's address

  • telephone and fax

  • sales figure

  • number of employees

  • NAICS business activity code and its description

  • Export and sales territories, or areas served

  • Products and services

  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

  • Certifications

Personalized listings Service

For your specific needs
Contact us: 1 888 594-7170  (toll free) or listes@icriq.com

Additional fees are required for the manual addition of data .

Adding data to a company listings

Available information :

  • foundation date 

  • website

  • business category (manufacturer, distributor, service company)

  • language of correspondence

  • trademarks 

  • mention if the company is available to subcontract 

  • the company's french name

  • Québec enterprise number (NEQ - Cidreq)

  • MRC of the main address 

Each data can become a searchable criteria to produce a specific list of companies.

Complementary Products and services

  • statistic charts

  • historical data beginning in 1994

  • matching a database with an icriq.com list

  • updating of lists that were bought on icriq.com

Licence for use of data

Here is the licence for use of data applicable when purchasing a list of companies from this site.