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Privacy Policy

This section will provide you with information about security and confidentiality measures for ensuring the protection of information that you provide to icriq.com when using its website, or when modifying your company profile. The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How do I recognize a secure link?

Upon arriving on a secure page, your browser will display a message informing you that the document you have requested is protected, and that the information you provide on the page will be encrypted to ensure confidentiality. Additionally, your browser will also display a small icon, usually a small padlock, near the URL of the page, thus confirming the security of the link. Warning: an open or broken padlock icon serves as a warning that a link is not secure.

Second hint: when you are on a secure page, an "s" will appear in the URL address in your browser’s address bar. For example, instead of beginning with "http", the address will begin with "https". On our site, only pages on which you transmit credit card information and contact details are securely linked.

Does icriq.com use cookies?

Yes. The use of cookies on websites is the norm, rather than the exception, and most browsers are programmed to accept them. Cookies store information about your visit in a small file on your hard drive. This information is used by iCRIQ.com to speed up your access to the site, and to facilitate your navigation of its pages. Cookies only store information related to your movements on our site and do not have the ability to retrieve other types of data stored on your hard drive.

Am I still protected if I click on a hyperlink that takes me to another site?

The icriq.com site has no control over the operation of other sites, which all have their own personal data protection policies. Please take the time to read those policies. icriq.com assumes no responsibility for the security of information you provide to those sites. Although icriq.com takes the greatest care in choosing its partners, please note that by offering these links, icriq.com does not necessarily endorse or express agreement with the products, services, or information presented on the sites.

What personal data does icriq.com need, and why?

When you request a quote, complete the contact form, or make a suggestion for improvement, icriq.com asks for your name, address, email, and phone number. This information allows us to process and track your request and to contact you as needed. No data is shared outside of the suggestion or quote request tracking system.

How can I be sure that requests to modify my company profile come from the company, or from an authorized person?

When a file modification request is made from the site, an email is sent to the person who previously provided us with the information in an official capacity. That same person will therefore receive the necessary information for making changes to the online profile.


Despite all the efforts made by icriq.com to protect the personal data that circulates through its website, all users assume the risk that the confidential seal of these exchanges may be broken. icriq.com declines responsibility for any damages suffered as a result of exchanging information with it on the Internet. The icriq.com site also reserves the right to transmit personal data if the law or regulations in force require it to do so, or to protect its rights and the rights of users of the icriq.com site.

Thank you for using icriq.com!

If you have any questions about icriq.com functions and services, do not hesitate to contact us: 

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