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Confidentiality Policy

This section is intended to inform you of the security measures implemented to ensure the protection of the information you transmit to icriq.com when you order a list through its Web site or when you modify your company's profil. Here are answers to some of the questions which concern customers (and rightly so) who are about to make their first online purchase.

Could someone appropriate my credit card number?

No. Here is why.
First, only icriq.com and Moneris, that will process your payment, can access the personal information - such as your credit card number and expiry date - you will transmit on the icriq.com site. Furthermore, the page on which you will transmit that information is protected by a secured link. icriq.com servers use a state-of-the art, 128-bit cryptographic system called "Secure Socket Layers" (SSL) to encode personal information transmitted on the Internet. In other words, to read this information, someone would have to break a code capable of more than one billion combinations by trying them systematically one after the other. Thanks to this system, your credit card number and its expiry date become indecipherable while they travel on the Internet.

How do I recognize a security link?

As soon as you come upon a secured page, your browser will post a message advising you that your request is protected and telling you that the information you are transmitting on the page is coded to ensure confidentiality. In addition, your browser will post an icon, usually a little padlock near the URL of the page, confirming that the link is secured. Be careful: a broken or an open padlock warn of an unsecured link. Also, when you are on a secured page, a small "s" is added to the URL address which appears on your browser's bar changing the usual "http" at the beginning of the address to "https". On the icriq.com site, only the pages on which you are transmitting your credit card number are protected by a secured link because they are the only pages on which you will transmit information that need to remain confidential.

What personal information does icriq.com require and why?

When you make an online purchase, icriq.com needs to know your name, the shipping address, your email address, your telephone number and your credit card number and its expiry date. This information allows us to process and track orders. No credit card information is saved by icriq.com's servers.

Does icriq.com use cookies?

Yes. The use of cookies on Web sites has become the rule rather than the exception, and most browsers are programmed to accept them. Cookies record visit-related information in a small file stored on your hard drive. This information is then used by icriq.com to simplify your shopping and your navigating. Cookies store information related to your "travels" on our site. They do not have the required capability to gather other information from your hard drive.

Am I always protected when I click on a super link that takes me to another site?

icriq.com exercises no control on the operation of those sites, which have their own protection policies with respect to personal information. Take the time to become aware of those policies and remember that icriq.com will accept no responsibility for the security of information you may transmit on those sites. Even though icriq.com takes the utmost care in choosing its partners, it does not, in offering those links, endorse those partners or suggest it is in agreement with their products, services or with the information presented on their sites.

How can I be sure that requests to update my company's profile are really from the company or an authorized person?

When someone makes a request on line to update your company profile, an email is automatically sent to the person who has previously provided us the information on behalf of the company. Therefore, this person will receive the instructions necessary to update your file.


The concerted efforts made by icriq.com to protect the personal information that travels on or through its Web site do not absolve users from assuming the risk that the confidentiality of that information might be broken. Accordingly, icriq.com disclaims responsibility with respect to damages you may incur as a result of information exchanges with icriq.com on the Internet. icriq.com reserves the right to transmit personal information if required to do so by law or by virtue of regulations, or to protect its rights as well as those of icriq.com site users and of its commercial partners.

Security is on our mind as well as yours!

The security related to credit card transactions is essential to the proper management of electronic trade. Accordingly, icriq.com insists on making these transactions as reliable and secure as possible. Any failure in our security system could have very serious repercussions on our operations and on the confidence our customers place in us. Consequently, icriq.com does everything in its power to stop credit card fraud and to protect transactions made through its Internet site.

Thank you for shopping on the icriq.com website!

If you have questions on the online shopping section or on your order, you may contact icriq.com anytime at :

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    e-mail: info@icriq.com
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