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License agreement

1. Copyright
Data contained in the Banque d’information industrielle on the icriq.com website have been produced and collected by the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec, hereafter referred to as “CRIQ”, to provide users with direct access to information on products/services available in Québec.

The data and its related structure, collection, user interface, search engines and any other information made available on the icriq.com website, are the sole propriety of the CRIQ and are protected by provisions of the Copyright Law and applicable international agreements. These provisions help identify the source of said information and, in some cases, prohibit or limit their reproduction, dissemination, or use. Therefore, the sole rights of use granted users of the icriq.com website are those specially stated in this User License.

The “icriq” name and logo are registered trademarks of the CRIQ. Any use of the icriq name or logo or of any third party trademark present on the site is therefore prohibited without prior written authorization from CRIQ or the third party that owns the trademark.

2. Right of Use
You are granted for your own private, personal and noncommercial use a non-exclusive right of use to query and consult data provided on icriq.com.  It is possible to consult a maximum of 200 company profiles.

Should you wish to manipulate the data according to your needs (ex.: to produce labels) or acquire additional company profiles, over the authorized quota (200), you must click on the "Purchase this list" button and follow the online list purchasing instructions.  To see these instructions, you can click on "List Purchasing" in the top menu.

Specific Terms Pertaining to our RSS Feeds

You are also granted a non-exclusive right of use to download the RSS feeds onto your computer for your own private, personal and noncommercial use and for consultation purposes only.
For any use other than that stated in this License Agreement, you must obtain prior written authorization from CRIQ.

3. Right of Use Restrictions
Without prior written authorization from the CRIQ, you may not:

  • Transmit to a third party, modify, download, communicate, publish, reproduce on the Internet or other broadcasting channel, save, or store the material and information found on icriq.com, including its RSS feeds, through any means, for purposes other than those authorized in paragraph 2;
  • Resell, in any shape or form, all or part of the data contained on the icriq.com website;
  • Create a databank using the information contained on the icriq.com website;
  • Use CRIQ's RSS feeds on a free or paid website or on an Intranet site;
  • Solicit additional information from companies, in a way that would suggest that it is requested on behalf of the CRIQ.

It is also strictly prohibited for you to violate or attempt to violate the security of the icriq.com website, in particular by:

  • Accessing data that is not intended for your use;
  • Connecting to a server or an account that you are not authorized to access;
  • Exploring, scanning or testing the vulnerability of a system or network;
  • Interfering with the supply of services to a user, host or network;
  • Sending spontaneous messages, including promotions or announcements concerning products or services.

4. Violation of this License
In the event of abusive use of the icriq.com website, or of noncompliance with the provisions of this License Agreement, CRIQ reserves the right to take any necessary action to end the said abusive use of the icriq.com website, including the right to revoke or to restrict the access to the icriq.com website.

5. Liability Release
CRIQ shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use or nonuse of the data provided on the icriq.com website.

Without prejudice to the above, CRIQ shall not be liable for the RSS feeds, the integrity of information, accuracy or reliability of queried data or the printing or availability of data displayed on the icriq.com website.

Furthermore, any reference to a product, service, manufacturer, supplier, or other, on the icriq.com website, should in no way be interpreted as an approval or recommendation of it by CRIQ.  The icriq.com website also contains hyperlinks that provide access to websites belonging to third parties and managed by them.  CRIQ makes the links available to users for their convenience only, and has no control whatsoever over how the sites are operated.  Therefore, CRIQ shall not be liable for the quality of products or services provided by manufacturers and suppliers registered on the icriq.com website or for the contents of their websites.

6. Applicable Law
This License Agreement is subject to applicable legislation of the Province of Québec and of Canada and should be interpreted accordingly. Any litigation associated with this License Agreement shall be dealt with through the appropriate Québec courts.

BII-F-15A (2014-12)